Just down the road in Smith’s Grove lies Pelly’s Farm, a third Generation farm.  The current generation has repurposed their dairy barn into a garden center, called The Garden Patch and fresh produce market.   Business name: The Garden Patch Owners/Management: Esli Pelly Years in business: since 1999 Address: 1085 Hays Smiths Grove Road, Smiths […]

Each year Bowling Green’s Community Tree Advisory Board organizes an Arbor Day celebration at Keriakes Park.  Their goal is education about the value of trees and how they benefit us.  City Arborist Jared Weaver leads a number of workshops on how to plant and care for trees, trees are given away and activities to entertain children […]

Just past Western’s farm on Nashville Road you’ll find Fern Runners Garden Center. On this “Road Trip” entry we’ll get to know a bit more about the business from co-owner Denise Runner. Business name: Fern Runners Garden Center Owners/Management: Tom & Denise Runner Year Opened: 1985 Address: 6558 Nashville Rd Bowling Green, KY 42101 Season/Hours: […]

In recent years, I’ve gotten progressively more obsessive about gardening, extending all my beds until they stretch along nearly every inch of the property line and around all permanent structures. Filling them in with plants can be very expensive. Starting from seed is an easy way to reduce that cost tremendously. But, it still involved […]

The home garden is a place of beauty, tranquility and inspiration.  In addition to their attractiveness, many plants within the garden possess properties that make them useful for more than admiration.  Their uses may also include nutrition, flavoring, repelling insects and healing. Recently, our beloved cat, Bumi was stricken by a not uncommon parasite, the […]

There’s little that can be done in the garden that will save you as much time and energy as mulching.  Mulching provides a protective layer around your plants that helps retain moisture, prohibits weed growth and prevents the erosion of vital nutrients and soil. Though it can be done any time of the year, late […]

There is no better time than Spring to divide plants for several reasons: the initial growth is softer and easier to cut through, the early burst of growth will quickly hide the damage you do and the plentiful rains will help both sections root and recover.  Dividing can also be done most anytime for some […]


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